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THE OX Energy Trading Platform

THE OX Energy Trading Platform

Frequently Asked Questions:


1) How do I become a user of THE OX Trading Platform™?

          A. Request a User ID and Password from your broker
          B. OR, register online for a User ID and Password
          C. Download the platform, click here

2) How long will it take to start transacting once I’ve registered?

          Cleared trading can begin immediately after downloading the platform and receiving a User ID and Password.           The next step will be providing counter party credit information which will allow you to trade as a bilateral           participant with approved counter parties.

3) Can more than one trader at our company transact with my User ID?

          No. Each trader is required to have his/her own User ID and Password to transact on THE OX™.

          To request other User ID’s please contact your OX representative.

4) Can traders from other companies see my company information?

          No. All they can see are bids, offers, and size.

5) Can I be set up to view or trade multiple energy products on THE OX™?

          Absolutely, ask your OX representative for more detail.

6) If I request a change of counterparty credit details, when will they take     effect?

          Changes take effect immediately after we receive a written request from an authorized representative of your           firm.

7) I have forgotten my Password. What do I do now?

          It’s easy, just contact us and we will reset your password.

8) The security of my User ID and Password have been compromised.
     What do I do?

          If possible, change your password immediately, then contact us by phone and further confirm by email. If this           is not possible, immediately contact your OX representative and he/she will have your existing User ID           disabled. We will then issue you a new User ID and Password.