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THE OX Energy Trading Platform

THE OX Energy Trading Platform

Security Information


THE OX TRADING PLATFORM™ provides the highest levels of security and encryption mechanisms to deliver reliable real-time pricing and execution while protecting sensitive client information. Contact us for a full demonstration of this secure, powerful, and flexible trading platform.

General Security Principles

THE OX TRADING PLATFORM™ strictly adheres to the following Security Principles:

   dot Data is only routed to authenticated connections.
   dot Orders automatically suspended on service interruption.
   dot Strong password policies enforced.
   dot All orders and trades are anonymous. OX keeps all sensitive counterparty
   dot   information, including a client’s identity, strictly confidential.

Encryption Methods

THE OX TRADING PLATFORM™ uses a secure connection to communicate with our servers, based upon industry-standard encryption technology.

All messaging between the Client and the Servers (Gateways) is encrypted.

   dotRSA (1024 bit) is used for key exchange when establishing the secure
   dotconnection, and RC2 (128 bit) is used for data communication.
   dotAll passwords are stored in one-way encrypted form using an SHA1
   dothash algorithm. Passwords are not stored locally on the client.